Payrolling Services for Independent Contractors

More and more frequently, companies are asking their direct contractors (those without an agency) to bill through a separate financial service (3rd party or umbrella services). With complicated and frequently changing federal and state tax regulations, companies prefer to be protected from federal and state audits and have the classification and payment of their contractors through a pass through service. Additionally, Accounts Payable would prefer fewer invoices and checks to process.

We have developed our Passthru® Program to provide a comprehensive and cost efficient way to determine the classification of independent contractor or contract employee status and Exempt and Non-exempt hourly labor rates (overtime) for W-2 contractors. We have over 25 years experience in the industry and provide knowledgeable services to our contractors and clients.

Please contact us for our Passthru rates.

For independent contractors, we ensure the timely collection of accounts receivables and offer professional services in problem resolution. For W-2 contractors, our payroll is every two weeks and checks are Direct Deposit into your bank account.

Chancellor & Chancellor is very experienced in the negotiation of all contract requirements with client companies. Our insurance coverage includes, property liability insurance, Fidelity (W-2), etc.

In order to set up a Passthru®, simply contact Chancellor & Chancellor or have your hiring manager contact Chancellor & Chancellor directly.

We look forward to working with you on your next contract.

To set up the contract or to discuss your situation, call Anthony Goeree at 415-332- (zero) (one) (two) (three) or send an e-mail to anthony (at) chancellor (dot) com